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Add you support for a SharePoint Overflow Q&A site

1 March 2011 Leave a comment

Please follow this link and show your commitment to a new SharePoint Overflow Q&A site.


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Finding the SMTP server address through code in SharePoint 2010

13 February 2011 Leave a comment

If anyone knows a better way then let me know.

string smtp = string.Empty;

SPFarm.Local.Servers.ForEach(s => s.ServiceInstances.ForEach(i =>
if (i is SPOutboundMailServiceInstance)
smtp = s.Address;

return smtp;

I use a ForEach extension which I’ve included below

public static void ForEach<T>(this IEnumerable<T> enumerable, Action<T> action)


foreach (T item in enumerable)





Dilbert on SharePoint (via SharePoint Tech Blog)

17 November 2010 Leave a comment

Very true

Dilbert on SharePoint

via SharePoint Tech Blog

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The hidden User Information List and the Email field

4 November 2010 Leave a comment

More of a reminder to myself.

The internal name for Email in the hidden User Information list is EMail and not Email.

I came across this when doing a SiteDataQuery on this list and using rather than

The email was never returned in the DataTable.

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SharePoint Conference 2009 – Day Two

22 October 2009 Leave a comment

I’ve now managed to get my head around most of the new and enhanced features of SharePoint 2010.

My main focus has been around enterprise search and social computing. Two areas I believe are going to massive, when SharePoint 2010 gets released.

I managed to attend the following sessions;

  • SharePoint 2010 Search: Capabilities Deep Dive
  • Adoption Strategies for Social Computing
  • Microsoft Unified Communications and Collaboration in Action
  • Deep Dive into SharePoint 2010 My Sites and Social Networking Architecture
  • Search Relevance and Relevance tuning

There has been a large investment in the new and enhanced features. My Sites have become the hub for interacting with people through My Sites, User Profiles, Status Updates, Activity Feeds and Knowledge Mining.

SharePoint Conference 2009 – Day One

20 October 2009 Leave a comment

Well I made it. After travelling for about 12 hours from London to San Fransico to Las Vegas and managed to get over the jet lag (nothing to do with Vegas!)

Today was about getting to know the new version of SharePoint 2010.

We were given an introduction to the product by Steve Ballmer (Microsoft CEO) and Jeff Tepper (Corporate Vice President). There were some nice little sneak peaks and I was surprised that the first demo was a code demo!

My first break session was the “SharePoint 2010 Overview and What’s New” and this gave me a good overview of all the exciting new features available in SharePoint 2010.

Here is a break down (In no particular order) of some of the most exciting

  • PowerPivot (Project ‘Gemini’)
  • Taxonomy management including tagging and ratings,
  • Business Connectivity Services and External Content Types
  • Visual Studio 2010 Tools for SharePoint
  • Excel, Access and Visio Services and the Office Web Apps
  • Sandboxed Solutions

There is a shed load of more features and I’ll blog on them, when I know more.

I then made it along to the ‘Introduction to SharePoint Designer 2010’ and ‘Overview of Social Computing in SharePoint 2010’. The Social Computing of SharePoint 2010 has been greatly improved and their definitely seems to be a nod to Facebook there (The status update and note board).

IMG_0189.JPG IMG_0188.JPG

Pictures from the SharePoint Conference 2009

19 October 2009 Leave a comment

Some pictures from the conference so far