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Traversing Taxonomy Terms from branch to leaf

I had a need to show the path of terms, starting from a specific term and then showing the path to the final children,

This would involve traversing the structure as the depth is unknown, so I wrote this piece of code to accomplish this using the Client Components.

Please feel free to steal and improve (Only if you give back the improved code though!)

private IEnumerable<Path> Paths(bool includeRoot, Guid termId, string siteUrl)
var paths = new List<Path>();
Action<ClientContext, Term, String> traverse = null;

traverse = (context, term, path) =>
context.Load(term, t => t.Id, t => t.Name, t => t.Terms);

if (!(term.Id == termId && !includeRoot))
path += path == string.Empty ? term.Name : ” > {0}”.ToFormat(term.Name);

if (term.Terms.Count == 0)
paths.Add(new Path
TermId = term.Id,
PathText = path
foreach (var st in term.Terms)
traverse(context, st, path);

using (var context = new ClientContext(siteUrl))
var rootTerm = TaxonomySession.GetTaxonomySession(context).GetTerm(termId);

traverse(context, rootTerm, string.Empty);

return paths;

public class Path
public Guid TermId { get; set; }
public string PathText { get; set; }

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